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Why Our Linen?

Thinking of taking the plunge into linen bedding?

Sick of night sweats?

The transition into linen can be summed up in one word:

  • The breathability of linen is unmatched by other materials, due to the airy texture of the raw yarn, and its loose weave.

  • This ability to breathe makes sleeping in summer MUCH cooler, and no sweating. As we sleep our bodies can struggle to self-regulate our temperature. This is where linen's breathability allows us to self-regulate as we sleep.

What is linen?
  • Linen is made from the flax plant, an ancient plant used for textiles for the last 38,000 years!
  • Our raw linen flax is grown in France. Our 100% linen sheets are carefully woven and enzyme washed, to ensure a soft touch from the very beginning.
  • Flax linen is a significantly more sustainable and durable alternative to other fibers, such as cotton. Flax requires much less water and pesticides throughout its growth cycle.

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